National Poetry Month #1

5 Apr

A thought crossed my mind today of someone who made an impact in my life that was gone too soon. So As the first entry of poems for national Poetry Month I am posting a poem dedicated to a fallen angel who will never be forgotten



I had one of those I’ll do anything for you type of guys

And the I chase you and you chase me type

I even had the I don’t know how to show my feelings but I’d like to learn and try type of guys

But through the years one guy stuck and I avoided him though he pushed up and pushed up hard

But I brushed him off and swore not to fall in love because in my eyes he was just too young

His date of birth didn’t fall in the right month he was two years my junior give a couple months


I would spend some days and some nights engaged in meaningful/less conversations and of course it felt right

But not enough to let him have a full time position in my life

So I continued to date the I’ll do this for you if you do this for me types

And the I want you in my life to have you on my arm types

Even the you’re beautiful, smart, and I think you’d better my life type of guys


Yet, none of them could quite measure up to that young one who in my eyes was sweet

And provided that inner harmony and every lonely summer night I think

Back to the times we shared and my soul screams out because maybe if I would have let him in

My life and we were together

He wouldn’t have been in the wrong place, at that wrong time

When ignorance decided that the coat on his back was worth his life and I cry out in my heart

As I think of how minute those two years give a couple months are when you have found, loved,

and lost

 True love.


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